Become a truly liberated leader – a proven blueprint for success

This FREE Webinar is a perfect stepping stone for anyone looking to commence their journey to becoming a truly liberated leader.

Join me as we delve into compelling statistics and explore the need for rapid leadership development, the critical Mindset and 4-Step Process of truly Liberated Leaders! Plus, find out how you can become accredited to use this powerful model.

Learn to identify good vs. bad leadership

Understand the defining difference Liberating Leadership can make to business owners, leaders and HR professionals, and build credibility and kudos for coaches and trainers.

Gain insights into a dynamic approach which is:

  1. Easy to learn
  2. Grounded in research
  3. Principles based
  4. A practical blueprint
  5. A system that works every time!

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10am Wednesday 16th May
7pm Thursday 31st May
6pm Tuesday 5th June
7pm Thursday 14th June
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