The Cool Blue Manager – Insights Discovery Colour Energies

Portrait of an enthusiastic businessman with a team in the backg

With personality there is no right or wrong, but with leadership there definitely is a right way! Understand this way, and how your personality colours your leadership style, then you begin to make a significant difference. It is one more reason why we start all our Ali Stewart & Co training with the Insights Discovery … Continued

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The Earth Green Manager

Two Relaxed Confident Young Business Partners

  The Strengths and Challenges for the Earth Green Manager. To continue our series of blogs about personality, and how your personality colours your leadership style, we present to you the Earth Green manager. This comes from the Insights Discovery model which is where we start all our Ali Stewart & Co training. Today’s post … Continued

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The Sunshine Yellow Manager

Businesswoman Cheering And Raising Her Hand

What’s it like to be a Sunshine Yellow Manager? Following on from our post on the Fiery Red manager I am delighted to present a post from Nicky Cowling on the Sunshine Yellow manager. Nicky has lots of sunshine yellow energy and has teamed up with another Insights practitioner, Judith Yates, to form a company … Continued

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The Fiery Red Manager

Confident business woman standing in the office, CEO of great co

What are the pros and cons of having a Fiery Red preference? To kick off an Ali Stewart & Co training programme we always start with Insights Discovery to help people understand themselves, understand others and learn about how their personality preferences affect their behaviour. So we thought we would take a look at the … Continued

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Your Personality Colours Your Leadership Style

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You leak your personality colour into everything you do! When delivering our Ali Stewart & Co training programmes to leaders or trainers, we always start with your personality colour. To understand others, you first have to understand yourself, and great leaders recognise this. We underpin the programme with the most profound and beautiful personality colour … Continued

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