Webinars – taking the leap!

Through June and July, I have been delivering a series of webinars. Webinars are a great way of engaging a bigger group of people, at a time that suits them. As a webinar attendee you have the freedom to dial in from anywhere, there’s no travel stresses and best of all – it costs you nothing!

In this blog post I want to briefly share some thoughts and tips from my recent webinar experience. In doing so, hopefully I can persuade one or two of you who’ve been on the webinar fence for a while to take the leap!


STEP 1: Getting set up and psyched-up

To set the scene for you, on a confidence scale of 1-10 with 1 being ‘not at all’ and 10 being ‘completely’, at the start of this process I was at a firm 1. I had delivered a series of webinars, a couple of years back, but never felt that I got going with them and I knew that they weren’t brilliant. Hence, my apprehension about taking on the challenge again.The bizarre thing is that I thoroughly enjoy delivering 1:1 coaching sessions, workshops to groups and am perfectly OK speaking at events and meetings. Our fears are so often illogical!

Feel the fear and do it anyway! Just have a go, it doesn’t have to be perfect.… what you have to say may be perfect for at least one person attending! 

Managing my own demons, working out which system to use and working out the technicalities of using it was the first hurdle for me. In the end I used GoTo Webinar, which worked well, and which I would certainly recommend.


STEP 2: Deliver, get feedback, work and re-work

Webinar 1 is never going to be your ‘A game’. Perhaps webinars 2 and 3 and may also not run exactly as you had hoped but remember a webinar is a live and interactive event, it’s impossible to control all the elements.

The trick is to seek feedback – as much feedback as you can!

Through gathering feedback from my attendees throughout the process, I felt I definitely improved upon my delivery of the webinar. I was also fortunate to receive feedback and advice from expert presenters Garth Spiers and Adam Tufnell, from whom I learnt a great deal – thank you both!

Remember, it is also worth receiving feedback, not just on your delivery, but also on your presentation. Again, I was lucky to have the support of the wonderful Present Savvy to help me with my visual presentation. Through the process it was hugely refreshing to realise that, almost no matter how Liberating Leadership is delivered, the content is immensely powerful and in many ways carries itself.


STEP 3: Clue up on the statistics to become a webinar wizard

Unbeknown to me at the beginning of this process, there’s a third element to mastering webinars beyond presentation and delivery. Just in the same vein as with social media marketing and email marketing, there is a wealth of actionable insights and statistics out there to help you make the most of your webinars by thinking strategically about scheduling, promotion and engagement.

GoToWebinar’s Big Book of Webinar Stats is a wonderful place to start if you’re looking to become a webinar wizard!

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From experience I certainly would recommend sending a reminder to those who have registered for your webinar, both a few days prior to the webinar and the day of the webinar.

We all know how easy it is to forget things in our busy day to day lives and you want to make it is as easy as possible for registrants to attend your webinar. Not only are we procrastinators but we are also at times forgetful! Do send your registrants the link/instructions they need to join your webinar more than once. Do send email multiple reminders and if attendees don’t make it, then do make sure to follow-up and see if another time would suit.  

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Final Reflections

So on the confidence scale from 1-10, where would I put myself now? I think I’d be a 6, a big improvement, but still a long way to go! Overall, I am really thrilled I took the leap with webinars, despite my fears! The webinars certainly achieved their purpose, which was both to deliver value to the group listening, and inspire attendees to take action.

Our vision with Liberating Leadership has always been to help every leader on the planet make developing their people their #1 priority. If we are to achieve this, we have to share our methodology with as many people as possible – so they can share it, and the people they talk to can share it. If through doing so, we can help attendees in their own mission to become a great leader themselves, then so much the better!

Are you a webinar wizard waiting in the wings?

I challenge you, feel the fear and do it anyway!

Ali x

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