#1 Define Your Business

10 Lessons From Silicon Valley – A blog series inspired by the brilliant Guy Kawasaki’s talk at Brand Minds 2019!

I was lucky enough to attend the Brand Minds Europe Conference in Budapest in May 2019. I was greatly inspired by the humour and lessons of author, entrepreneur and venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki. Guy was a former Chief Evangelist for Apple, is a current Evangelist at Canva, and is also a Mercedes Ambassador! In this blog series I’m delighted to be able to share with you the 10 lessons that Guy shared with us. Lessons learnt direct from Silicon Valley and his time with Steve Jobs!
See lesson #1 below – to get you thinking..


Lesson #1 Defining Your Business

Share what your customers are getting from you … not what you make

For instance, if you ask an Apple customer what they want, they might say a ‘better, cheaper, faster, phone’. Ask a Xerox customer what they want.. and they might say ‘a better, cheaper, faster, photocopier … they would not say a WorkCentre 5980i! Guy summed it up beautifully by saying something a long the lines of: ‘you can’t ask customers to create a revolution, what you can ask them is what do they really want (something faster? cheaper? easier to use?)  this is them telling you how you need to revolutionise!’.

Build on your desire to make meaning … not your desire to make money

Guy says, make meaning and you will likely make money as well … make money without meaning, at some point you will crash.

For instance – meaning:

  • Apple is about bringing computing power to everyone
  • Google is about information – making it available to everyone
  • E-bay is about commerce – so anyone with a website can trade, irrespective of size
  • YouTube is about sharing video – anyone can share a video with everyone
  • Ali Stewart & Co is about developing people – so everyone can shine

What is your company about?

Create a short mantra … not a 50 word mission statement or strapline

For instance, Nike’s strapline is Just Do It, their mantra is ‘Authentic Athletic Performance’
The mantra says simply what you do best, what you are known for.
Ali Stewart & Co’s strapline is Coaching you to Achieve and Grow, our mantra is ‘Liberating Leaders and Pioneers

What is your mantra?


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