#10 Perfect Your Pitch

10 Lessons From Silicon Valley – A blog series inspired by the brilliant Guy Kawasaki’s talk at Brand Minds 2019!

I was lucky enough to attend the Brand Minds Europe Conference in Budapest in May 2019. I was greatly inspired by the humour and lessons of author, entrepreneur and venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki. Guy was a former Chief Evangelist for Apple, is a current Evangelist at Canva, and is also a Mercedes Ambassador! In this blog series I’m delighted to be able to share with you the 10 lessons that Guy shared with us. Lessons learnt direct from Silicon Valley and his time with Steve Jobs!

Perfect Your Pitch

Customise your intro and bond with your audience

This is such a great lesson about customising your introduction.

Guy suggests you check LinkedIn, find the bonds between you and others.

When you do a speech, find the bonds between you and the audience, start with something which directly links you with your audience. For instance, Guy shared the time he was doing a talk in Russia, his opening slide was a picture of him standing outside a big cannon with huge cannonballs in front. He said ‘Wow, you Russians have got big balls!’ The audience laughed and were immediately engaged and drawn in – a win for Guy!

So use pictures, and show a photo of you in that place. 10 pictures is the maximum in 20 minutes!
Simply follow this rule:
• 10 – 20 – 30 – black
• 10 slides are optimal
• 20 minutes for your pitch
• 30 is the smallest point side you should use (the basic rule is, decide who is the oldest in the group you are presenting to and divide by 2. If you think oldest is 60, use 30 point size, if 50, then it’s 25 point size)
• Make background of slides black

This is all such great advice!

If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, says Guy, some things need to be believed to be seen, and you make others believe by bringing the good news. Guy is an evangelist – he has the interests of others at heart.

Who is evangelizing for you? Who or what do you need to be an evangelist for? How is your pitch looking? Have fun with this. Make it interesting and exciting for people and help them to believe!


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