#4 Polarise People!

10 Lessons From Silicon Valley – A blog series inspired by the brilliant Guy Kawasaki’s talk at Brand Minds 2019!

I was lucky enough to attend the Brand Minds Europe Conference in Budapest in May 2019. I was greatly inspired by the humour and lessons of author, entrepreneur and venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki. Guy was a former Chief Evangelist for Apple, is a current Evangelist at Canva, and is also a Mercedes Ambassador! In this blog series I’m delighted to be able to share with you the 10 lessons that Guy shared with us. Lessons learnt direct from Silicon Valley and his time with Steve Jobs!

See lesson #2 below – to get you thinking…

Lesson #4 Polarise People!

Be more marmite.

It’s okay if not everyone loves your product. Dividing people gets them talking and creates a buzz. We see this all the time throughout life – some people love Britain’s Got Talent – others hate it. Some people find cricket riveting – others find it incredibly boring. Some people love going to watch ballet – others would run a mile from it!

It is the same for you and your products – be prepared for some people to hate them, and that’s okay; it’s better to excite a group of people than excite no-one!

Guy found that this was the case at Apple – some people love Apple products, others don’t know what all the fuss is about.

Find the great evangelists like Guy, who will love and promote what you do.

The reality that we all have differing viewpoints, ideas, and differing reactions to products is what makes us so interesting!

life those seeking to understand the views of others better, we have a beautiful product called Insights Discovery. It is a great tool for understanding how others think, which is different from the way you think, and how they view you. It’s a great tool for helping you to be more gracious and accepting of other’s views.

Do whatever you need to do to prepare yourself for accepting that some may dislike your products – and remember that great products polarise people!

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