#5 Change Your Mind

10 Lessons From Silicon Valley – A blog series inspired by the brilliant Guy Kawasaki’s talk at Brand Minds 2019!

I was lucky enough to attend the Brand Minds Europe Conference in Budapest in May 2019. I was greatly inspired by the humour and lessons of author, entrepreneur and venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki. Guy was a former Chief Evangelist for Apple, is a current Evangelist at Canva, and is also a Mercedes Ambassador! In this blog series I’m delighted to be able to share with you the 10 lessons that Guy shared with us. Lessons learnt direct from Silicon Valley and his time with Steve Jobs!

See lesson #5 below – to get you thinking…

Lesson #5 Change Your Mind

Or get left behind!

Contrary to popular belief, changing your mind is not a sign of weakness. According to Guy, it can be a sign of strength, courage and intelligence.

During his time as Chief Evangelist at Apple, Guy witnessed Steve jobs change his mind on many occasions. This helped Apple to adapt and overcome challenges the corporation faced during challenging times in an ever-changing world, to meet the demands of consumers. Being open to changing his mind allowed Steve Jobs to look outward, rather than narrowing Apple’s horizons.

Guy said that in Silicon Valley they would throw a lot of ideas against the wall. Some of them would stick, some would get left behind, and sometimes they would draw a circle round one and say, ‘We hit the bulls-eye!’. By continuously evolving, coming up with new ideas and being open to changing one’s mind, Apple products have always been at the forefront of technology and consumer demand,

Do you often change your mind? Should you be open to changing your mind more? Do you listen to your team and their fantastic ideas?

At Ali Stewart & Co, we’ll be asking some clients what they really want, and working on what they need to get there. We encourage our clients to always be open to changing their minds!

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