#6 Ignore The Nay-Sayers

10 Lessons From Silicon Valley – A blog series inspired by the brilliant Guy Kawasaki’s talk at Brand Minds 2019!

I was lucky enough to attend the Brand Minds Europe Conference in Budapest in May 2019. I was greatly inspired by the humour and lessons of author, entrepreneur and venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki. Guy was a former Chief Evangelist for Apple, is a current Evangelist at Canva, and is also a Mercedes Ambassador! In this blog series I’m delighted to be able to share with you the 10 lessons that Guy shared with us. Lessons learnt direct from Silicon Valley and his time with Steve Jobs!

See lesson #6 below – to get you thinking…

Lesson #6 Ignore The Nay-Sayers!

Don’t let them kill your mojo

There will be people you’ll meet on your journey, the ‘bozos’ as Guy calls them, who will think they know it all. They’ll tell you that your design won’t work, that your idea is stupid, and will make you question why you are even bothering.

Don’t let these people grind you down!

Guy was accustomed to these people during his time in Silicon Valley. According to Guy the most dangerous nay-sayers are the rich and famous ones. Don’t equate their fame or wealth with being clever and knowledgeable – you are the expert. You know your product. Have faith in yourself, and ignore the nay-sayers.

Being resilient to these individuals requires training yourself and building your immunity against them. You can do this by exposing yourself to less influential nay-sayers early on, building your confidence to block them out and allowing yourself to continue on your journey. Through doing this, you’ll be prepared to deal with bigger, bullying ones later on when your product takes off.

Trust your own judgement, listen to your consumers, the ones who love your product, have faith in your product. Like Guy said in Lesson #4, it’s okay if not everybody likes your product – but you’ve got to ignore the nay-sayers!

At Ali Stewart & Co we believe we are helping leaders to build the strength and resilience needed to pursue their goals.

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