Ali Stewart – AS&Co Founder


Ali Stewart is an executive leadership coach, mentor and best-selling author. She specialises in coaching fiery, dynamic leaders, in danger of burning themselves out, who need more balance, meaning and fulfilment in their lives.

Having already built a successful management consultancy, Ali founded Ali Stewart & Co – coaching you to achieve and grow – in July 2004. She has coached over 500 leaders across a range of market sectors and built a reputation for going deep and creating dramatic performance improvements.

She founded the accrediting body for Liberating Leadership® and Pioneering Professional® 2008. With over 200 practitioners now accredited, Ali and the Faculty are looking to grow this body of people. They would love other trainers, coaches and HR professionals to have access to these powerful models to help them grow their own and their clients’ businesses.

The Liberating Leadership approach is attracting eminent coaches and HR professionals from all over the world, and Ali has recently established the first dynamic partnership in The Netherlands. For her client companies, who previously viewed leadership training as ‘soft skills’ training, they have achieved significant bottom-line results like slashing recruitment budgets and cutting sicknesses and absenteeism rates. There is nothing soft about Liberating Leadership. It is hard-hitting, leaving nothing to chance and is award-winning.


Bridget Siddle

Special Client and Finance Manager

Bridget has had an interesting and diverse career. In her past, she has worked as a professional dancer, and lecturer in Beauty Therapy. In 2014, she set up her own business, offering Virtual Assistant Services to companies in a variety of different industry sectors.

Bridget has extensive experience in account management, customer service and book-keeping. She assists Ali with day-to-day contact with customers and suppliers, and provides support to clients, consultants and practitioners, as well as managing the company’s accounts.

The Liberating Leadership Faculty

Andy Britnell

Curious Coach and Community Manager

Andy is a Licensed Practitioner for Insights Discovery®, Liberating Leadership and Motivational Maps.

He is a member of the Liberating Leadership faculty, and coaches and supports Liberating Leadership practitioners. He brings innovative ideas and practices to enhance the Liberating Leadership journey.

Andy is fascinated with the challenges of leadership and has spent many hours researching and writing on the subject for Ali’s website and social media.

He specialises in helping people make the transition into leadership or management roles. Most recently he has delivered a successful Liberating Leadership programme to senior and middle leaders at a large school.

Kate Turner

Motivational Master Practitioner

Kate is a Founding Director of Motivational Leadership and an early adopter of the Liberating Leadership programme. She, and her team combine this methodology with their own expertise in motivation to bring about sustainable changes in top team performance.

Kate is also proud to be a Liberating Leadership Faculty member seeing her role as one of putting this tool in the hands of as many like-minded leaders as possible so they can bring about the change they want to see in the world.

Nicky Cowling

Engaging Master Practitioner

Nicky Cowling began her career working in professional services as an accountant with KPMG. She transitioned into a learning and development role and later set up Good Day Yellow. Nicky has over 20 years of experience in supporting people at all levels of their professional and personal development.

Nicky was one of the first people to go through the Liberating Leadership accreditation process. As a Master Practitioner, she uses Liberating Leadership to work with leadership teams in professional services, offering 1:1 coaching and bespoke solutions for individuals and organisations to help with any challenges they’ve been facing.

Suzanne Jones

Enthusiastic Ambassador

Suzanne is a senior finance professional in local government having also worked as a consultant and adviser in her time. Suzanne lives by the tenets of Liberating Leadership having taken the programme in around 2000, realising its potential and passionately supporting its development into what it is today. Suzanne herself undertook the accreditation and now puts it into practice in leading her teams and getting the best out of everyone. Suzanne also believes that the underlying beliefs run through personal life as well as professional life.

The Landon Marketing and Design Team

The Landon Marketing and Design team look after all things ‘marketing’ at AS&Co. Ali has a longstanding relationship with Steve, who has overseen everything from AS&Co’s logo and branding, to marketing campaigns and website development. Landon Marketing bring the AS&Co vision to life with their passionate creativity and professional marketing skills.