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Are you frustrated because your contracts are coming from training companies, so you’re not commanding the daily rate you deserve? Or maybe you’re sick of spending so much time prepping proposals and training materials, leaving you little time to do billable work?

Whether you’re just starting out as a coach, trainer or consultant, or are already experienced but don’t yet have your own award-winning programme to deliver, Liberating Leadership could be a perfect extra revenue stream for you.

_MG_5349 webLiberating Leadership is a tried and tested people programme capable of delivering the following bottom line results in organisations of all sizes:

  • Lower sickness and absenteeism
  • Increase in staff retention
  • Boost in individual and team morale
  • Reduced recruitment costs
  • Improvement in projects and tasks being completed on time
  • Quickly gets to the root cause of people problems

It’s a proven bestseller guaranteed to delight your clients and improve their businesses, giving them a blueprint for leading and managing people that leaves nothing to chance.

Take a look around our website and read our success stories and testimonials. You’ll see the impact that our award-winning programmes have for yourself.

We’ve a great opportunity for you

We’re looking for companies and individuals who want to take on this programme, brand it your own, and enjoy our ‘hands on help’ selling it into your client organisations … all whilst keeping 100% of the fee.

Sound too good to be true? Well, there are only so many clients Ali can work with directly and so we’re building a team of talented and carefully chosen Associates who are as passionate as we are about delivering this programme.

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What’s so special about Liberating Leadership?

  • Liberating Leadership is based on Dr Derek Biddle’s 25-year research into the things that high performing leaders think and do
  • It’s a package that companies love buying because the easy to learn competencies and practical ‘track to run on’ can be quickly implemented
  • Participants learn skills that are highly effective yet not often taught, gain huge insights into their leadership style, and learn to adapt to suit any situation
  • It’s underpinned with what works in ‘real life’ rather than being the latest management theory or fad
  • Training budget holders can be safe in the knowledge that this award-winning programme has delivered great bottom line results for many organisations

What this means for you

_MG_5530 web
You can:

  • Be confident in its success as it’s been tested and validated with hundreds of managers across the world
  • Increase your personal credibility and add weight to your training using our robust diagnostic tools
  • Improve your chances of selling yourself into organisations by learning our proven strategies and techniques
  • Save yourself time and energy by rebranding our extensive materials to make them your own

How to get started

Since we expect our Associates to make back their investment the first time they sell the programme, we need to ensure this opportunity will work for you.

So we ask you to complete a short application form and book a call.

One of two things will happen

We’ll decide this programme isn’t right for you, yet. But we’ll walk you through how we came to this decision and give you pointers for helping your business in the future.

Or we’ll decide this might be right for you and we’ll take the discussion further.

If you’re ready to find out more, pop your details into the form top right.

Learn direct from the master: executive & leadership coach Ali Stewart

_MG_5298 webI set up Ali Stewart & Co in 2004 to develop people’s true leadership potential and I’ve taught and helped to implement this system with huge success in organisations in many sectors both in the UK and abroad.

My clients include the National College for School Leadership, The Royal Society for Medicine, NHS, Environment Agency, The Jelf Group, The Bateman Group, Sunswept Resorts, St Lucia Distillers, and many more.

I’m so passionate about this programme because I’ve seen it successfully transform individuals and organisations. However, I’m just one person and there are only so many business owners and leaders I can work with. By teaching this system to you and other coaches and trainers, together we can make a tremendous difference in the workplace.

There are leaders. There are leaders of leaders. Then there are a few who have the gifts and knowledge, the inspiration and mission to empower and enhance the leadership abilities of others. Ali Stewart is such a person.” Dr Derek Biddle

About Dr Derek Biddle

Derek Biddle, 16.01.15Derek is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and HR Professional with many years’ practical experience at a senior level within major organisations. His experience also includes being Assistant Director of Studies at Roffey Park Management College.

Derek founded Stratagem Human Resources in 1992 working with many significant organisations across a range of industries. The approaches described in Liberating Leadership have been thoroughly refined, tried and tested in many of these organisations with major success.

Derek, now retired, has written widely, including publishing a number of books on HR best practice. He was also a Visiting Fellow for Southampton University MBA programme, lecturing on Change Management.

There are many tomes on leadership. Many claim to have new insights. The claim here is simply that it works. Liberating Leadership is a tried and tested process, building skills and giving a step-by-step clear path to follow. It is founded on practical, well proven principles and research. It is award winning.” Dr Derek Biddle

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What our Associates have to say

Liberating Leadership fills a huge gap that I have seen throughout 30+ years of working with leaders in business for a practical, straightforward and robust roadmap for managing and leading others. It should be compulsory reading for all aspiring, existing or those engaged in developing managers and leaders” Mike Sheedy, Owner, Peak Performance Consultants

For me, the Liberating Leadership programme brought together years of teaching and learns around leadership development in one place – a real gem! A very common sense approach to bringing about real and very sustainable improvements in performance. Based on an understanding of self and own style as a leader, it then cleverly weaves this through the performance management cycle in a way that will help any people manager navigate the process in a rational, straightforward and understandable way.” Paul Thompson, Owner, Westminster Associates

I really enjoyed the course and think it is a terrific product. I tried hard to achieve that type of approach when working at Sainsburys, but only by trial and error, through experience etc. I went on plenty of leadership courses and programmes, but none of them summed it up and packaged it as effectively as you have.” Mick Lightfoot, Colourful Solutions

One of the most worthwhile programmes I have attended on the subject of Leadership. It has all the attributes of simplicity and power – hardly surprising given that it taps into accepted wisdom and presents it in a way that is ever so easy to understand and relate to. Ali’s facilitation was grounded and confident and her ability to have gravitas whilst remaining in the background was a powerful example of leading a workshop effectively”. Aidan Duff, Gentle Leadership

I wanted to thank you very much for a great two days this week. Your style is calm and relaxing which made me very comfortable and at ease allowing for some very useful discussions. It was certainly evident that you know your stuff as we went through the programme. I obviously think the course content is spot on; I firmly believe this will enhance my offerings in Leadership and Management. I would wholeheartedly recommend this programme!” Suzanne Shaw, Ascent Development

This is an excellent programme. We updated our knowledge on leadership skills and have a complete programme we can sell to clients that fits totally with our current philosophies. We are already using the material with a number of clients, in response to a range of leadership development needs. So far the reaction has been very good and we know we will be able to use this programme in so many situations. Ali was an excellent facilitator and we learned as much from watching her approach as we did from the sessions. This is well worth the investment.” Helena Sharpstone and Caryn Skinner, Sharpstone Skinner