22 April 2020

An online event dedicated to sharing experience, ideas and knowledge with fellow practitioners.
A golden opportunity to build your momentum, drive and passion for Liberating Leadership – the award-winning people programme!

Exclusively for Liberating Leadership Practitioners, the Liberating Leadership Masterclass is a wonderful opportunity to network with fellow practitioners, share knowledge and real-life experiences of delivering and selling Liberating Leadership.

We have decided that our April Masterclass will be a free online event. We still have some fantastic speakers and plenty of new and interesting things to share! Learn how to transform yourself and your offerings, discover an exciting idea to help measure the impact of your training, and connect with your hidden genius – all in one day!

Join us between 10:00 and 16:50 on 22nd April with a series of 60 min webinars from our super speakers, with extended breaks for coffee, lunch, fresh air and a stretch of the legs. Register below to find out more!


The LL Masterclass, great people, amazing venue and a chance to share experience and expand our knowledge of LL, what’s not to like!
– Mark Terrell, 1st Class Coaching Solutions


Great to hang with fellow practitioners Рrefresh, revitalise, reinvigorate my Liberating Leadership workshops. Just the rocket I needed! Wonderful to hear other people’s success stories and exciting to find about future developments coming down the pipeline
– Kerry Savage, Savage Communications