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Are you a fiery and dynamic business owner, leader or entrepreneur who finds managing people your biggest headache?

You want to forge ahead with your exciting plans but you find people don’t behave as expected. Some don’t work well with others, some don’t like their hours or where they sit, some consistently arrive late and miss deadlines, and some cause more problems than they solve. You begin to wonder why you bother employing people at all.

If you’re sick and tired of dealing with issues around team morale and engagement, then this book is the solution to your problems. For the first time ever you can you get Ali’s powerful, proven 8 Point Plan for leading and managing people in a single, easy-to-follow blueprint.

This Amazon best-seller isn’t just about leadership. It will help you to create the legacy you want to leave. All too often we don’t realise our dreams because we get stuck in the day to day, and the nitty gritty of managing people. Insights into Liberating Leadership will help free you from people problems, giving yourself more time to focus on the tasks that matter; tasks that make a real difference to your business.

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Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.
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This Amazon bestseller is your perfect guide to managing and leading people. It will:

  • Give you a fool-proof guide for developing a highly motivated dream team
  • Free you up to be more strategic and do what you’re good at
  • Stop you becoming distracted and ground down with ‘people’ issues
  • Provide you with a superb, proven system for leading people to success
  • Enable you to keep people happy, productive and engaged

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If you’re listening to the audio book you may need the models to unlock the power of managing and leading people.




This is the most complete book I have ever read on effective leadership practices” Barbara Emmanuel, HR Director, Sunswept Resorts

Anyone looking to combine a leadership framework with greater self-awareness should read this book” Alex Keay, Insights UK General Manager

Ali Stewart is a masterful executive and leadership coach

_MG_5298 webAli Stewart has taught the highly acclaimed Liberating Leadership system to leader-developers both in the UK and throughout the world. In October 2011, Ali won a national training award with The Meningitis Trust for the dramatic bottom line results they achieved together.

Twice an Insights national award winner for her exceptional knowledge, Ali is a Regional Mentor for all UK Insights Discovery Licensed Practitioners. In 2012, Ali became one of the first accredited practitioners in the world to deliver the profound Deeper Discovery model.

Ali works with clients across a wide variety of market sectors both in the UK and abroad. Her client list includes Meningitis Now, The National College for School Leadership, The Royal Society for Medicine, NHS, Environment Agency, The Jelf Group, The Bateman Group, Sunswept Resorts, and St Lucia Distillers.



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Whether you are a novice or think you are Winston Churchill, this will improve your leadership” Michael Harwood (Amazon review)

If I’d had this model, I would have handled some people very differently, with better outcomes, especially for them!” Amanda Downs (Amazon review)

Simple lessons backed with solid rigour — lessons which can be packed into the tool kit for immediate deployment. I rather sense this is going to become one of those ‘go to’ books, for me” Adam Tuffnell (Amazon review)