Musings on a powerful, packed event … Uspire presents LIBERATING LEADERSHIP IN ACTION – 25 May 2017

I want to say a huge thank you again to everyone who joined us at ‘Uspire presents Liberating Leadership in Action’. It was a truly brilliant, uplifting day and it was great to see both familiar and new faces.

This is the third showcase event we have done at the wonderful Dominion Theatre venue in London and this time we had the pleasure of teaming up with the brilliant USPIRE group. The event was described by delegates as the most inspiring to date and by some as the most inspiring event they have ever attended! We were so blessed to have such an awesome event team that included: MZ Photography, Online Video Solutions, Ignite Events, Present Savvy and Landon Marketing!

Now I don’t pretend to be a specialist ‘event guru’. However, going through the motions and jumping through the various hoops that are required to deliver a big showcase event has certainly taught me powerful lessons about the 3 foundations that are a winning formula when it comes to successful events. So here goes… the ‘Power of 3’!

Powerful Stories

It sounds obvious, but we’ve all had that experience at some stage in our lives of shamefully nodding off during a talk. Why? Because we’re not engaged, we’re hearing but not ‘listening’! So, it is powerful stories, gripping stories, real life relatable experiences that can hold and keep our attention.

At ‘Liberating Leadership in Action’, we were blessed to have wonderful speakers from such a broad range of backgrounds, including: the fast moving franchise world, to education, a national charity and even a Premiership sports coach! The stories they shared were powerful, engaging and rooted in real life experiences. The saying ‘people buy from people’ is often quoted in business and marketing circles and I think the idea is just as relevant when it comes to speaker events. Information can never compete with personality when it comes to engaging an audience!

Powerful Presentation 

We were so lucky to have marketing whizz kids ‘Landon Marketing’ and the visual flair of ‘Present Savvy’ whose sole agenda is communicating for impact, as part of our brilliant event team. Through a consistency of colour, branding and styling across all our communication channels: PowerPoint, posters, programmes and goody bags we were able to not just make a visually appealing event but a powerfully visual event. It’s so easy to underestimate the impact that visuals can have – even I am guilty!! When Mandy from Present Savvy phoned me the week of our event asking if the venue had an artist wall as she was bringing a professional illustrator I panicked: ‘guest speakers + illustration!? How is this going to work…? Well it worked wonders alright! So many attendees were blown away by what Pascale produced on the wall, me included!


Powerfully Practical

Sometimes the notion of condensing a whole wealth of knowledge into a mere handful of ‘take-home points’ can seem too reductionist. How could you possibly strip down such a rich and colourful dialogue into a couple of black and white bullet points. But what I’ve learnt through the past three showcases, and indeed through all the workshops I give, is that people really value practical tools! We have learnt there is nothing wrong with giving people a head full of new knowledge, but if you can also give some practical tools and strategies to implement, and an action plan as well – people go home not just feeling wiser but feeling empowered! That is why our event was always billed as “A day designed so that you can take immediate action and make a powerful difference to your own style and to your team”!


I sincerely hope that everyone who joined us on the 25th May left feeling empowered and inspired having experienced first-hand the Power of 3!





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