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deeper-discovery imageDeeper Discovery allows you to explore your personal effectiveness and leads to the most profound level of self-understanding provided by Insights yet.

Building on the memorable language of colour energies, you are introduced to your key archetypes, which provide deep insight into who you are, your purpose and your potential.


Your archetypes

Archetypes represent your personal characteristics and give great insight into your preferred ways of being and behaving.

There are 72 possible archetypes in total. By choosing your top 10 we focus on those characteristics and behaviours that you are most strongly correlated with. This will help expand your understanding of what drives you and how you are perceived in the workplace, enabling you to develop a greater sense of self-worth.


What you can expect

D3C_5373You will receive a detailed personality profile alongside insightful coaching to help you explore your hopes and fears as a business leader. Highly practical, your profile is designed to enable you to easily share important aspects with your friends and colleagues.

You will draft a legacy statement to use as a blueprint for your future success. And you will leave with plenty of tips, ideas and actions to support your personal and business breakthrough.

This is a powerful session with the potential to transform the way you live and work.


Lasting benefits

Deeper Discovery can be used in many different ways to great effect. For example, Ali used her top ten Deeper Discovery archetypes to help with the branding, positioning and selling of our flagship leadership programme. Having explored the personal meaning and value that one of her primary archetypes ‘The Liberator’ inspires in her, Ali redefined the programmes values, created a new strategic approach and repositioned the programme, which resulted in increased sales.


How to get started

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Working with Ali and Deeper Discovery has been both a profound and transformational experience for me. As a tool my Deeper Discovery Profile has helped me to explore what really makes me tick and how this shapes, informs and influences my professional journey. The chapters are very accessible and I have fallen in love with the Archetypes. Key learning from the Legacy Chapter has helped me pitch for new business more persuasively and is helping to inform long-term relationships with our customers and business partners. Ali’s intuitive coaching provided a safe space for me to learn, explore, develop and grow. Thank you Ali and Deeper Discovery.” Nina Lovatt, Director, HT Training & Coaching


If we all did the things we are really capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.” Thomas Edison


When I read my Deeper Discovery profile, it was a revelation in terms of its focus. It really helped me on my journey to independent consultant, especially helping me to refine the wording for my ‘elevator pitch’ and strapline.” Paul Harding, Pioneer & Innovation Consultant