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Deeper Discovery allows you to explore your personal effectiveness and leads to the most profound level of self-understanding of this kind yet.

We delve deeper into who you are, your purpose and your potential, building upon the foundation of Insights Discovery.


If you’re a business owner or leader who has already unlocked the power of Insights Discovery you may be ready for this next step.


We provide deep insight into your true conscious and less conscious self by introducing you to your top ten key archetypes and build on the memorable language of colour energies of our original Insights profile

We focus on those characteristics and behaviours that you are most strongly correlated with. This will help expand your understanding of what drives you and how you are perceived in the workplace, enabling you to develop a greater sense of self-worth.

Deeper Discovery For You

This is a powerful session with the potential to transform the way you live and work. We will help you explore your hopes and fears as a business leader through detailed personality evaluation and insightful coaching.

You will draft a legacy statement to use as a blueprint for your future success, and you will leave with plenty of tips, ideas and actions to support your personal and business breakthrough.


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Deeper Discovery can be used in many different ways to great effect. You can boost sales by redefining your business values and strategic approach based on the personal meaning and value that your primary archetypes inspire in you.

Communicate your ideas more effectively and streamline your professional goals by discovering building blocks of your personal motivations.


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The next step in your journey of of professional and personal development begins here.

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Your Roadmap to High Performance

Deeper Discovery continues your journey of self-development and understanding. Open up countless doors to becoming a truly effective and inspirational leader to others by gaining an even more thorough look into your personal values, motivations, and attributes,

1. Insights Discovery

Improve the performance of your whole organisation with our world-leading diagnostic tool .

Request your highly personalised profile to begin your journey.

2. Deeper Discovery

Explore your effectiveness to the most profound level of self-understanding provided by Insights yet.

Expand your discovery and request an extensive personal analysis.

3. Liberating Leadership

Our award-winning programme guaranteed to unlock effective and valued leaders.

Discover more and receive your free Performance Navigator tool.

4. Pioneering Professional

A powerful programme teaching key attributes to professionals that ultimately guarantee personal success.

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When I read my Deeper Discovery profile, it was a revelation in terms of its focus. It really helped me on my journey to independent consultant, especially helping me to refine the wording for my ‘elevator pitch’ and strapline.” Paul Harding, Pioneer & Innovation Consultant

Working with Ali and Deeper Discovery has been both a profound and transformational experience for me. As a tool my Deeper Discovery Profile has helped me to explore what really makes me tick and how this shapes, informs and influences my professional journey… Key learning from the Legacy Chapter has helped me pitch for new business more persuasively and is helping to inform long-term relationships with our customers and business partners.”
Nina Lovatt, Director, HT Training & Coaching


  • Give you a fool-proof guide for developing a highly motivated dream team
  • Free you up to be more strategic and do what you’re good at
  • Stop you becoming distracted and ground down with ‘people’ issues
  • Provide you with a superb, proven system for leading people to success
  • Enable you to keep people happy, productive and engaged

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