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Self-awareness is the key to effective and authentic leadership. By understanding your own conscious and less conscious self, you open yourself up to an incredible world of Discovery. If you are hoping to improve the performance of your whole organisation and make life easier and less stressful for your leaders, managers and teams, Insights Discovery is for you.


Are you looking to help yourself and your people become more effective and productive?


We each have a mix of the four colours within us. In each person, one colour tends to dominate. We use this colourful language to interpret our own strengths, methods of communication, and areas for personal development.

By understanding your own wonderful blend of colours, you can better understand others and adapt your approach to fully embrace each team member’s personal style.

Insights Discovery for Teams

Communication issues and a lack of understanding between team members cause many problems at work; problems that directly impact your bottom line. We can create a dialogue between all members of your team by offering a common, colourful language to discuss differences in approach.

An Insights Discovery session can open up new ways of understanding, acceptance, and effectiveness within your team dynamic.


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Insights Discovery for Individuals

The road to unlocking your potential and becoming an effective leader begins with yourself. You can unlock a world of self-discovery and a greater understanding of your colleagues by reflecting on your personal style, your incredible value within a diverse team, and areas of potential conflict with other personality types.

After completing an online questionnaire, you will receive a highly detailed and personalised profile which can then be used to guide a development plan.


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Insights Discovery for Coaches, Trainers & Consultants

Insights Discovery is a truly remarkable resource to have in your toolkit. Our profiles are suitable for all ages and levels, and unite your clients in a way that is engaging and easy to understand by utilising the language of colour.

While the profiles that are generated contain highly personalised and specific insights, this proven tool can be used to measurably improve any team.


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Your Roadmap to High Performance

Your Insights Discovery profile is the first step in the journey to unlocking your true potential as a leader. This will provide you with the foundations of self-reflective knowledge that you can build upon by undertaking some Deeper Discovery into your conscious and less-conscious attributes.

1. Insights Discovery

Improve the performance of your whole organisation with our world-leading diagnostic tool .

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2. Deeper Discovery

Explore your effectiveness to the most profound level of self-understanding provided by Insights yet.

Expand your discovery and request an extensive personal analysis.

3. Liberating Leadership

Our award-winning programme guaranteed to unlock effective and valued leaders.

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4. Pioneering Professional

A powerful programme teaching key attributes to professionals that ultimately guarantee personal success.

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The journey has been extraordinary for our organisation. The impact has been so great that I have experienced an entire change of mindset amongst our executive team. We have become a true leadership team, far more understanding and tolerant of each other. We are now truly listening to and understanding each other’s perspective. This is the result of Ali’s contribution to our continued success.”Barbara Emmanuel, HR Director, Sunswept Resorts

Anyone looking for an executive coach with extensive theoretical and practical experience of using Insight’s portfolio for many years should consider using Ali. Her ability to make senior executives both consider different perspectives and the power of reflection, as opposed to just thinking, are legendary.”
Alex Keay, General Manager Insights UK


  • Give you a fool-proof guide for developing a highly motivated dream team
  • Free you up to be more strategic and do what you’re good at
  • Stop you becoming distracted and ground down with ‘people’ issues
  • Provide you with a superb, proven system for leading people to success
  • Enable you to keep people happy, productive and engaged

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