Are you a business leader, HR professional or line manager looking to help your people become more effective and productive? Are you seeking a proven tool that will improve the performance of your whole organisation? That will make life easier and less stressful for your leaders, managers and teams?

insights-discovery imageCommunication issues and a lack of understanding between team members cause many problems at work; problems that directly impact your bottom line.

You may feel ill equipped to have conversations about these problems with your colleagues or feel powerless to change their behaviour.

You’re not alone if you do. Having worked with hundreds of leaders and their teams, we’ve seen these challenges time and time again. Simply hoping that things will improve is not the answer.


There is a simple and colourful cure

Welcome to the world of Discovery, a world-leading diagnostic, which helps people understand themselves and others.

_MG_5268 webDiscovery starts with a simple and memorable four colour model that helps you and your team to understand why you behave the way you do.

We each have a mix of the four colours within us. In each person, one colour tends to dominate. By understanding your own blend of colours, you can better understand others.

Using this language of colour can help you to build rapport and adapt your style, ultimately strengthening your personal and professional relationships.


How to get started

ZM3_0413It all starts with popping your name and email address into the boxes above right. You’ll be sent a link to a diagnostic tool with 25 questions.

Your answers to these questions will reveal your Insights Discovery profile.


What happens next?

_MG_5490 webWe’ll arrange a call to talk with you about your highly personalised profile and what this means for you and your team.

There is no obligation to buy any of our services as a result. We simply ask you to experience the power of Discovery for yourself.

Discovery underpins all the work that we do at Ali Stewart & Co. Our success stories give an insight into how we use this remarkable system and the possibilities for you and your team. Click below to find out more.

The journey has been extraordinary for our organisation. The impact has been so great that I have experienced an entire change of mindset amongst our executive team. We have become a true leadership team, far more understanding and tolerant of each other. We are now truly listening to and understanding each other’s perspective. This is the result of Ali’s contribution to our continued success.” Barbara Emmanuel, HR Director, Sunswept Resorts

Anyone looking for an executive coach with extensive theoretical and practical experience of using Insight’s portfolio for many years should consider using Ali. Her ability to make senior executives both consider different perspectives and the power of reflection, as opposed to just thinking, are legendary.”
Alex Keay, General Manager Insights UK

It’s a bit scary how accurate the profile is after only answering some seemingly light touch questions! Course Delegate

Everyone is unique, and so is their Discovery Profile. Insights Learning & Development