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What do effective managers do differently that creates high performance?

There’s one thing that’s certain regardless of your business type and size. If you want to grow your business, it means leading and managing people. The more effectively you lead, the better your team will perform and the more profitable your business will be.

_MG_5443 webYour people are your greatest source of competitive advantage. How you lead and develop them cannot be left to chance. If you fail to do this well you could be out of a job or risk closing the doors of your business forever.

The good news is that anyone can learn how to lead and develop people well. You don’t need exceptional skills and characteristics, a high IQ or a human resources degree. As with all great journeys the path to being an effective leader starts with a single step. Your personal commitment to do whatever it takes to be the very best leader you can be.

If you’re ready to begin, there’s a simple proven approach, an easy to follow process, and a set of skills that can be readily learned.

Underpinned by extensive research into what actually works

Liberating Leadership came about through extensive research by Dr Derek Biddle into effective managers across a number of different industries.

Derek’s 25-year research found that in the same set of circumstances, some managers were highly effective, yet others were notably less so.

Regardless of industry and organisation size, the ‘difference that made a difference’ was the consistent and remarkably similar approach taken by the effective managers with their teams, whereas the less successful managers were much less consistent and cohesive in their approach.

Not everyone is a charismatic Napoleon, Wellington, Churchill or Ghandi – thank goodness. We are not talking about charisma here, but a set of skills, underpinned by the mindset of High Challenge – High Support, applied within a process and carried out with Personal Power – rather than Positional Power.” Derek Biddle

A set of competencies and a track to run on

Liberating Leadership is a set of competencies and a track to run on that has since been adopted by thousands of managers in a wide range of businesses, across an extensive number of industries.

Easy to understand and immensely practical in nature, our experience is that managers strongly identify with the Liberating Leadership approach and easily develop the vital mindset and skills of high performing leaders, known as High Challenge and High Support.

The programme also covers the 2 key concepts and 2 attitudinal characteristics common to all effective leader/developers:

1. Expectations theory

They have high expectations about what their people are capable of – it matters and it shows

2. Reinforcement theory

They catch people doing something right, instead of only paying attention when things go wrong

3. Positive regard

They have respect for their people as individuals and a positive belief in them as a person

4. Genuineness

They are able to express their own feelings and tell the truth about their reactions to the other person’s behaviour. They’re direct, open and honest.

The research also showed that effective leader/developers follow a proven 4-step process – Visioning, Mobilising, Developing and Enabling – enabling them to purposely lead their teams to greater success. Within this process are 15 competencies, which are taught in our Liberating Leadership programme. When followed, you can be sure you’re on your path to leading and developing a high performing team.

What you can expect from Liberating Leadership

Liberating Leadership is an award-winning people programme capable of delivering the following bottom line results in organisations of all sizes:

  • Lower sickness and absenteeism
  • Increase in staff retention
  • Boost in individual and team morale
  • Reduced recruitment costs
  • Improvement in projects and tasks being completed on time
  • Quickly gets to the root cause of people problems

How to get started – grab your copy of our powerful Performance Navigator for FREE

A key part of the Liberating Leadership system is the Performance Navigator. Designed to help you accurately diagnose and tackle performance issues, this flowchart based system takes away a lot of the pain and uncertainty in managing people.

We’re often asked if people can buy just the Performance Navigator because of its instant appeal to busy managers. It:

  • Is a robust and powerful way of managing poor performance
  • Stands up to scrutiny – many organisations have tied it into their disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • Presents a sound system for helping people to develop in the best possible way
  • Helps managers to free themselves from the draining frustration and emotion involved in sorting out performance issues
  • Brings clarity, structure and focus to managing people
  • Inherently builds high performance

It’s so powerful that we’ve decided to give it away to leaders and managers, along with our guidance notes on how to use it.

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We’ll also send you some more information on Liberating Leadership. Not every organisation is ready for this powerful programme, so we warmly invite you to have a call with Ali to see if it’s right for you.

Our success stories give an insight into how we use this remarkable system and the possibilities for you and your people. Click below to find out more.

There are many tones on leadership. Many claim to have new insights. The claim here is simply that it works. Liberating Leadership is a tried and tested process, building skills and giving a step-by-step clear path to follow. It is founded on practical, well proven principles and research. It is award winning. Ali Stewart is its finest practitioner. It matters not whether you are new to the subject, are already an experienced effective leader, or are facing challenges at a different level. You will find out how to further enhance your abilities.” Dr Derek Biddle

Do not hesitate. Ali will take your leadership team on a journey they never thought possible. To those who are willing to listen to her advice and guidance, I promise you, you will not be disappointed.” Barbara Emmanuel, HR Director, Sunswept Resorts

Guaranteed to change the way you think about yourself as a leader. Liberating Leadership captures years of leadership genius and expresses it in a straightforward, uncomplicated manner. A must for all levels of manager within an organisation.” Ken Ritchie, Leadership Development Consultant

I really enjoyed the course and think it is a terrific product. I tried hard to achieve that type of approach when working at Sainsburys, but only by trial and error, through experience etc. I went on plenty of leadership courses and programmes, but none of them summed it up and packaged it as effectively as you have.” Mick Lightfoot, Colourful Solutions

Liberating Leadership fills a huge gap that I have seen throughout 30+ years of working with leaders in business for a practical, straightforward and robust roadmap for managing and leading others. It should be compulsory reading for all aspiring, existing or those engaged in developing managers and leaders” Mike Sheedy, Owner, Peak Performance Consultants

For me, the Liberating Leadership programme brought together years of teaching and learns around leadership development in one place – a real gem! A very common sense approach to bringing about real and very sustainable improvements in performance. Based on an understanding of self and own style as a leader, it then cleverly weaves this through the performance management cycle in a way that will help any people manager navigate the process in a rational, straightforward and understandable way.” Paul Thompson, Owner, Westminster Associates

One of the most worthwhile programmes I have attended on the subject of Leadership. It has all the attributes of simplicity and power – hardly surprising given that it taps into accepted wisdom and presents it in a way that is ever so easy to understand and relate to. Ali’s facilitation was grounded and confident and her ability to have gravitas whilst remaining in the background was a powerful example of leading a workshop effectively”. Aidan Duff, Gentle Leadership

When the effective leader is finished with his work, the people say it happened naturally.” Lao Tzu