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Are you curious about success? Do you wonder how some people become very successful very quickly and still seem to have a great life outside work? Whereas others, who work very hard, struggle to accomplish the same? What if we told you that the key to becoming a Pioneering Professional is simple.



Pioneering Professional is a programme that teaches your team how to develop the underlying attitude and 7 key attributes that will ultimately guarantee their personal success.

It gives individuals the opportunity to review and enhance their thinking and skills, raise their game, enjoy their careers, and take their performance from good to extreme.

Pioneering Professional for Your Team

This programme will guide your team into becoming more self-directing and motivated, communicating with clarity and self-assurance. A cohesive and dynamic group ethos is the key to creating an environment where success and personal development thrive.

It is such a joy to welcome a team into this programme and watch this positive change occur throughout our sessions. Group training is available to organisations of all sizes and types, get in touch and we’ll talk you through the process.


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Pioneering Professional for Your Company

The transformative change that this programme can have on the productivity and performance of your team can radiate throughout the rest of the business. Sometimes, all it takes are some simple, common-sense ideas to cause a chain-reaction of wonderful change.

Read about some of our incredible success stories to gain insight into how we use this remarkable system and the possibilities for you and your people


Success Stories

Pioneering Professional for our Liberated Leaders

For our wonderful Liberating Leadership practitioners, become masters of your craft and lead others to achieve more by completing our 1-Day Pioneering Professional accreditation.

It would be fantastic to welcome you to our next session. For those who are not yet Liberating Leadership accredited, find out more about this fantastic programme by sending us a message.


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Your Roadmap to High Performance

To become a Pioneering Professional is to become a master of your own success. Our ultimate programme for personal and professional development. Specifically designed to create powerhouse teams of successful individuals, get in touch to find out more.

1. Insights Discovery

Improve the performance of your whole organisation with our world-leading diagnostic tool .

Request your highly personalised profile to begin your journey.

2. Deeper Discovery

Explore your effectiveness to the most profound level of self-understanding provided by Insights yet.

Expand your discovery and request an extensive personal analysis.

3. Liberating Leadership

Our award-winning programme guaranteed to unlock effective and valued leaders.

Discover more and receive your free Performance Navigator tool.

4. Pioneering Professional

A powerful programme teaching key attributes to professionals that ultimately guarantee personal success.

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Watching the difference this makes to the development of people is fantastic and is a real testament to the programme. It works at all levels and helps not just individuals but organisational development as well.” Sue Davie, Chief Executive, Meningitis Trust (now Meningitis Now)

We accept that our cars need a regular service and MOT in order to perform effectively and safely. How do we manage to overlook the fact our careers need the same attention? This gives you a great set of tools to help you regularly review and improve your performance at work.”
Nicky Cowling, Director, Good Day Yellow

Discover the self-directing skills for life and become a high flier in your field by:
  • Adopting the fundamental attitude of highly successful people.
  • Influencing and negotiating better than you’ve ever done before.
  • Managing your workload, your stress levels and your manager!
  • Busting through the common time wasters which catch you out.
  • Creating your own powerful career plan for success.

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