Your Personality Colours Your Leadership Style

You leak your personality colour into everything you do!

When delivering our Ali Stewart & Co training programmes to leaders or trainers, we always start with your personality colour.

To understand others, you first have to understand yourself, and great leaders recognise this. We underpin the programme with the most profound and beautiful personality colour tool, Insights Discovery®, designed by father and son team, Andi Lothian and Andy Lothian, based in Dundee.

Driven by a desire to make the established theories of Dr Carl Jung even more accessible to people, the Lothians built this tool simply and powerfully on just 4 colours, with an incredible accuracy rate of 96%. From 4 colours, you can then go as deep as you like – 8 types, 16 types, 72 types, the less conscious, the shadow and so on, as deep as you want to go.

The perfect simplicity of the 4 colours makes it fun and accessible to everyone, not just leaders but children too … and even animals have colours! As my young son announced,

“Mummy, I think Harriet (tabby cat) is Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, do you?”. I said, “I think you’re right, darling, but tell me why you think that.”

Thoughtfully he said, well … she is very demanding about what she wants, she wants it now (a stroke, food, to be let out) and always wants to take a swipe at you (Fiery Red); she is very particular about when she is fed, always miaowing and asking for her food at exactly the same time every day and needs you to pay attention and give it to her, otherwise she gets in a huff (Cool Blue), she can be quite entertaining and funny when she’s playing and in a ‘chatty’ mood (Sunshine Yellow), and occasionally she does notice when you’re sad, she purrs gently to calm you down and cuddles up with you (Earth Green).

Personality colour profiles - what is your psychological preference?

As leaders, the ability to tap into the 4 personality colours is crucial. Typically we get stuck in our own preferred style according to our personality preferences, because for most of us, one or two colours are more dominant than the others. Discovering what it is like for you, could possibly by the turning point, as Pam Hothi has found out:

I would like to express my thanks to you for the wonderful report. I finally feel that someone understands me, but more importantly I understand myself! It was incredible reading this report as every part of it was me!! Its really helped me understand how I need to develop myself and I most certainly will be working on this.

I’ve been reflecting all weekend on how I can do things better but also all the positive aspects. I still can’t believe how true the report is, every word, sentence I could relate to, even my weakness’s were so true! It’s truly amazing and I will be most definitely recommending people go through this process.

Once again, thank you so much. Finally, 37 years on, I get who I am! !:)

Kindest regards,
Pam Hothi.

If you would like to purchase an Insights Discovery personality colour profile for yourself please get in touch.

What is your personality colour and how does it affect what you do?

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