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Over the course of 10 blogs, I’m going to share key concepts from my book, ‘Insights into Liberating Leadership’. It’s my wish that these blog posts will help you to hone your leadership skills and reignite your passion for your people. I want you to learn to manage your team with ease, grow your business, and leave a legacy that you’re proud of.

I know all this is possible for you – and more! But only by getting really familiar with the material and embracing what you learn with an open mind. The blog posts aren’t especially lengthy (and more material and real life stories are included in my book) but please don’t be fooled. The material is powerful and the concepts have transformed individuals, teams and organisations throughout the world.

So, are you ready with your cappuccino? Then, let’s begin.

Why should you listen to me?

As co-creator of the dynamic leadership programme, ‘Liberating Leadership’, I’ve trained more than 300 business leaders across a range of organisations. These organisations include charities, a holiday resort, a rum distillery, the NHS and all types of educational establishments. I’ve also accredited over 60 coaches, trainers and consultants to deliver the programme to their clients.

8 Point Plan for LeadersThis experience has led me to develop a powerful 8 Point Plan that transformed the business leaders I worked with. They, in turn, were able to transform their teams.

My work with this 8 Point Plan won a national training award with Meningitis Now (the, the Meningitis Trust), and enjoyed great results in many other organisations.

The 8 Point Plan is a tried and tested process. It sets out a clear step by step path that works every time, with any individual. It helps business leaders to understand the right order to do things in with their team members. This saves them a whole lot of time, grief and wasted resources.

For the first time, I have set out the whole process. It covers the following 8 areas:

  • The Mirror
  • The Crux
  • The Steps
  • The Skills
  • The Secrets
  • The Gear Change
  • The Test
  • The Review

And I’m going to share with you key concepts from each.

When working with leaders and their teams, I frequently see the same problems. And in my work with consultants, I find there is often key material missing from their programmes and trainings. Material that would solve these problems.

Being a visionary leader isn’t enough to manage people effectively. It’s also necessary to set the boundaries, make the contract, clearly tell people how things need to be done, and hold them to account if they fail to deliver. And these are skills and competencies that aren’t often taught.

‘Insights into Liberating Leadership’ is designed to help business leaders who:

  • Don’t appreciate their impact on others
  • Fail to identify the root cause of people’s behaviour
  • Confuse ‘people being busy’ with ‘people being productive’
  • Haven’t learned the process for managing and leading people
  • Get stuck in their own preferred way of doing things, according to their personality style

Because of this, these leaders are often kept awake at night with a whole range of challenges, such as:

  • How to keep their staff motivated and engaged
  • How to get people working together instead of in silos
  • Worrying about the cost and time needed to keep recruiting people
  • Feeling ground down, sick of the squabbling and bickering that goes on
  • The stress of dealing with never ending people problems
  • Wondering why people can’t be more like them
  • People not living up to expectations, leaving them feeling let down
  • Wondering why training courses seem to have little impact

Having observed what goes on in my clients’ organisations, I’m able to offer real insights into the behaviours that ‘get in the way’ of progress and results. This is helpful because emotion often clouds the judgement of leaders. They get too wrapped up in the day to day happenings and lose their objectivity.

‘Insights into Liberating Leadership’ offers a wide range of leadership insights

And through my blog, I aim to to bring you the key concepts, so you can take action right away.

Often I see business leaders losing faith and confidence in their people. I hope to re-engage the passion of leaders, so they can, once again, build their businesses and teams with joy. And I’m starting my mission with you!

In any business, people are the greatest resource and the only differentiator. It’s people that create market leading organisations, and keep their clients coming back time and time again. And, the impact of leaders on their people is now widely recognised.

People don’t leave jobs or organisations, they leave because of their leader

The 8 Point Plan is designed to help you become a great leader, so you can make the difference in the world that you’re here to do.

My blog series, books and trainings will help you to:

  • Identify common leadership mistakes when motivating others
  • Develop the key leadership skill, which is rarely taught, but makes a phenomenal difference when used appropriately
  • Foster an environment of collaborative team working, where your people work to the same set of goals, rise to challenges, and are happy to support both you and their fellow team members
  • Do the right things in the right order to get the best results

The good news is that whilst business leaders can be born, most are made. There is a central mindset and set of skills involved in managing and leading people. Anyone can develop this mindset and master the skills by following the 8 Point Plan.

I’m really looking forward to sharing the secrets with you.

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