Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust

Lancashire NHS Trust specialises in mental health. It employs over 7,000 people in hospitals and district teams. As well as hospitals and mental health provision, The Trust manages community care, district nursing, dental health and health visitors. We have been accredited to deliver the Leading and Developing High Performance programme and are in the middle of roll out.

What was the need?

Many clinicians in the Trust have been promoted to manage teams without any formal management or leadership training. The recent changes in the NHS have resulted in all staff having more to do in less time. This brings the need for strong leadership to the fore to support managers through the changes and beyond.

What other solutions were considered?

Since 2010, we have used an external consultant to deliver a programmer called Appreciative Leadership. We are still using that programmer, which delivers more of a philosophy of leadership. The L&DHP programme delivers the practical, robust and systematic tools of leadership which complements Appreciative Leadership well.

What was the reason for choosing us?

A colleague from East Lancs Trust used AS & Co and recommended the programme to us.

What has changed/improved since you did this?

Personally, working with Ali has changed my thinking on leadership. Now that I am accredited, when I hear a manager describing their people issues, I can immediately identify and lay my hands on an L&DHP tool to help.

What would your advice be to an organisation in a similar position?

My advice to an organisation would be to make sure you have a leadership strategy that everyone buys into and assess the needs of your people. I would recommend in-house accreditation if your business is big enough and I would say do it properly, not in pockets, to ensure it permeates into the whole organization.


“The materials are comprehensive, easy to work with and readily available. Ali Stewart has personally coached, mentored and supported me. She has helped with additional resources that I have needed, been a great sounding board and given me excellent feedback!”Jo Moffet – L&D Facilitator, 21st August 2013