Lansdell & Rose

Lansdell & Rose is a small accountancy & tax practice based in Kensington. Our team is just 9 in total, but growing.

What was the need?

To provide something of interest to the team and to enable an activity where by everyone can participate and learn something about each other and if possible to put to practical use in the work environment.

What was the reason for choosing us?

Ali and Carol were very friendly and approachable and both took time to meet me (Claire) and explain the Insights model and how a workshop could benefit the team.

What has changed/improved since you did this?

Initially, there was a sudden change in certain personalities in the office! Almost like certain personality traits had been uncovered so gave them a given right to act accordingly. However, things have retracted somewhat now and the more subtle observations are being acted upon; specifically, how different people like to give and receive instructions and the level of detail they prefer.

What would your advice be to an organisation in a similar position?

It is an enjoyable and interesting workshop and the team valued the investment into something that is work related but also can be helpful in their individual personal development.




“The personal profiles are so accurate! The team were so excited to read their own profile and were genuinely surprised that it uncovered things about them that they either knew but didn’t think anyone else knew, or it uncovered things about them that they didn’t consciously know themselves.”
Claire Bennett, 5th August 2013