Westminster Associates

Westminster Associates was established in 2002 and since then, has earned a reputation for providing consultancy solutions that simply put, improve a client’s condition and inspire and enable those involved to continue to do so after we have disengaged. Our aim is to become a collaborator and partner to our clients, adding value and expertise, as opposed to being just another ‘pair of hands’ or an expensive extension of their own Human Resources function.

The core of our work focuses on organizational culture, on who people are and how people do things. Our expertise lies in behavioural competence development and key areas of our work include:

Organizational Effectiveness
Leadership Effectiveness
Sales Effectiveness
Team Effectiveness
Personal Effectiveness
What was the need?
1:1 Executive Coaching assignments x 2

To modify his behaviour, in order to enable them to:
partner with colleagues
listen to their opinions
take account of their opinions
be more self aware
learn to recognise how their behaviour is impacting the people around them and modify it accordingly
be sensitive to the needs of others when interacting with them
X has requested a coach to support them in exploring and developing areas like personal impact and gravitas, considering what the future holds in terms of their role and aspirations, becoming more collaborative and less directive in their style, being seen as a ‘go to’ and as more than just the ‘subject matter expert’ knowledge they bring in their current role. They would like to be able to take people on a ‘journey’ with them and develop a more nurturing and coaching approach.

What was the reason for choosing us?

Ali is known within my network and came on referral for a trusted source. The client requested to meet a few different coaches who were both different in style and the approach they used. Some were more direct and challenging, others were more nurturing and encouraging.

What would your advice be to an organisation in a similar position?

Ali has ‘won’ two coaching assignments for us now – by that, I mean she has been one of four coaches the client has seen and both times they have chosen her. Have confidence in her indirect and nurturing approach but don’t underestimate her ability to cut to the root of the issue.




“Ali’s feedback and communication has been excellent throughout the process, from start to finish. I also admire her highly ethical and confidential approach. Ali is client driven, fair and equitable with a very ‘benefit of the doubt’ approach that compliments my more direct style perfectly.”
Paul Thompson, 5th August 2013