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With personality there is no right or wrong, but with leadership there definitely is a right way! Understand this way, and how your personality colours your leadership style, then you begin to make a significant difference. It is one more reason why we start all our Ali Stewart & Co training with the Insights Discovery model.

In previous blogs you have had a glimpse of the Fiery Red manager, the Sunshine Yellow manager and the Earth Green manager. Now here comes the Cool Blue manager.

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What is Cool Blue energy?

This colour preference is characterised by the following adjectives:

• Precise
• Deliberate
• Questioning
• Formal

These managers are detached and can take a logical, objective look at data, analysing it to make sure everything is correct. Stability and order rule, and they have a detached single-minded ability to do what is right and ethical. They also prefer formal lines of reporting.

When dealing with this type of manager you need to know that they want to see evidence and will not take anything on hearsay. For something important, it is best to send an e-mail with all the information to give the manager time to analyse rather than expecting a hasty response. Their mantra is “Give me details”.

It is best to get your expenses done, your appraisal forms completed and your paperwork in order as you will be measured on the quality of your systems, filing and ability to present things in a logical order, rather than for being a wonderful person!

In fact they will categorically fail to see just how wonderful you are, until these basic administrative things are in place.

What I appreciate about this energy

When you see this energy in action, it is so cool! The Cool Blue manager’s ability to stay detached and not get involved in the emotion of a situation can help defuse things and allow logic and truth to emerge. They are diligent and consistent. Interactions with you will be one-to-one and low key and, because their thinking goes on inside their head instead of being blurted out, they remain composed even in a crisis, quietly going about getting things done.

When Cool Blue energy gets in the way

These very strengths, if over used can be devoid of emotion. When there’s a lot of work to be done they would prefer to come into the office, go straight to their desk and get on, failing to see the need to walk round and say “good morning”, or even be nice. To the staff member this can seem stuffy, lacking any kind of warmth or humanity – you can literally feel ‘out in the cold’.

This manager under pressure seems more:

• Suspicious
• Reserved
• Rigid
• Indecisive
• Nit-picky

Cool Blue energy and Liberating Leadership

With awareness, this leader will be your rock and guide, explicitly stating what needs to be done and how. Their sound rationale and logic mean their assessments are thoughtful and correct, ensuring you stay on track towards the goal. They are more inclined towards support than challenge believing no-one can possibly do such a good job as them, which can keep them locked in the transactional stages of leadership, and poor at delegation.

The key thing to remember for the Cool Blue manager is that they need to consider their peoples’ emotional welfare, recognising that not everyone can take such a detached and clinical approach. It is important to recognise that everything cannot be fixed by a system and that sometimes people just need a hug! When they do this, Cool Blue managers shine as leaders.

Do you recognise the Cool Blue manager? We would love to hear your comments.

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2 Responses to “The Cool Blue Manager – Insights Discovery Colour Energies”

  1. Judy Heminsley

    And the Cool Blue manager may send you to conferences and business events instead of going themselves! Having recently attended such an event, it’s reminded me how tiring they can be for those with an introvert tendency. If I had a team I’d definitely send one of them!

    • Andy Britnell

      Hi Judy

      That’s so true for all introverts. Earth Green also suffer the same energy drain when there is a room full of people for extended hours. It makes you wonder who organises these things. Unfortunately for introverts it’s the gregarious, enthusiastic and fun loving Sunshine Yellow personalities that like to involve everyone!

      So if you are going to send anyone, choose a staff member with plenty of yellow energy. They’ll feel rewarded by being sent to an event, do a lot of good networking for you and come back charged up and motivated 🙂


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