St Lucia Distillers Ltd

St. Lucia Distillers Ltd is a rum Distillery located in the scenic Roseau Valley on the island of St. Lucia. The company manufactures a wide range of rums and rum based liqueurs, creams, punches and alcoholic beverages which have won top prizes in International competitions. In 2009 and 2010, St. Lucia Distillers was awarded the Rum Trophy at the International Spirits Challenge Competition in London.

What was the need?

The culture of the Company was one where there was a dependence on senior management to make all the decisions. There was a general focus on the weaknesses and not the positive attributes of the Company. It was recognized that Management needed to feel empowered and to take responsibility for their own areas and the growth of the Company and themselves. It was also recognized that we needed to build motivation and team spirit.

What other solutions were considered?

No other specific solutions were being considered at that time.

What was the reason for choosing us?

Our Managing Director was exposed to Ali Stewart’s training in another company. The training had a significant impact on him and he realized that the employees of SLD would benefit from the same programme.

What has changed/improved since you did this?

Since the training management employees seem more motivated and tolerant and accepting of the differences in each other. Team spirit among the managers has improved as well.

What would your advice be to an organisation in a similar position?

This programme differs from other Management Training in that the focus is on the individual; who you are as a person, your interaction with those around you and your environment. The knowledge and skills acquired can be used both in the organization and in the employees’ personal lives. Whether you have identified a problem in your company or not I would recommend this programme for your senior employees to aid them in their personal development. The results will speak for themselves.



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“The professional and caring manner in which everything was done, as well as, the ongoing support after the programme completely met our needs, and we can comfortably say we received outstanding service. The awareness of budget limitations and the flexibility in working with us so that costs could be controlled was greatly appreciated.”Margaret Monplaisir, Date 28 June 2011